Do you remember the last time that you were DESPERATE? If you do, you will relate to the woman in story, found in Mark 5:25-34. Her constant hemorrhage of blood beyond her normal period was a disaster. It left her anemic, weak, breathless, and hardly able to walk. Because of the issue of blood, she was ceremonially unclean which made her an outcast of her society and seeking treatment for the disease exhausted her livelihood, making her DESPERATE. Her DESPERATION was a crisis of hope! She had faithfully placed her hope in physicians and medicine, but it didn't cure her. She spent all that she had and was still getting worse... recipe for hopelessness. There was no "health insurance" or an emergency room she could go too.
When you place your entire hopes and dreams in someone or something other than the Lord, you will experience hopelessness and despair. In her desperation, she discovered that Christ was her only hope. He is hope for the hopeless, and the hope of glory! You will face desperate times, but you don't need to face hopeless times because the Lord is a stronger tower where the righteous run to and are SAVED! Her DESPERATION met determination! She was determined to let nothing keep her from coming to Jesus! She was desperate enough to risk it all! She had "Scandalous Faith." What she was about to do would have been considered shameful, shocking, or disrespectful. She was so determined that a religious label couldn't deter her. She was considered to be ceremonially unclean because of her bleeding condition, which meant everyone she touched was rendered unclean- even Jesus. But. she thought if she could just touch the hem of His garment...she would be healed.
Are there any believers out there with scandalous faith? God is looking for Christians who are willing to get radical about their faith. This woman's DESPERATION was God's opportunity! God will use DESPERATION for His good! For most people, God is the choice after they have tried every other choice. Like the woman in the story, they turn to the Lord when all else has failed! Her infirmity caused her to seek out Jesus. She had nothing to offer but faith! She said within herself, "If I can just touch the bolder of his garment.....healed," and she touched it and He felt it! There were a lot of people in the crowd that day who were pressing up against him, but she touched him. In the crowd were spectators...they only wanted to see him; there were fans...they only wanted to be around him ut she touched him, because she placed her trust in him.
The Lord wants to seize the opportunity to turn your DESPERATION into RESTORATION. If there is anything that you have been struggling with on your own, find the faith to bring it to the Lord. He wants to loose you from your infirmities.

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