Made On Purpose

You were made on purpose by God & for God. You were created to "Do Something!"    
You might not have been planned or scheduled for this world, but from the moment you were conceived, you were purposed & destined by God. That means you're not an accident, coincident, or a mistake. Before you were formed in the womb, God knew you; before you were born, he set you apart with destiny & purpose. You might not believe it or even care, but you were created for purpose.
The Apostle Paul wrote in Eph 2:10, For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Everything God creates has a specific purpose. It solves a problem.  Every part of you solves a problem for you: Ears to hears’; eyes to see.  Mouth to speak; nose to smell, and hands to touch.
Your destiny is shaped with the knowledge that you were made for a purpose. Your purpose is not your decision to make; it's your discovery to make. The creator decides the purpose of his creation; the creation simply decides the degree of obedience. Your smart phone didn't determine it functionality...the manufacture did.You are the creation of God; he is the only one who can reveal your purpose. You can decide which school your kids will attend. You can decide the community you will live in. You can decide who you will marry. You can decide where you are going to college.
The purpose for which you were created is not your decision, but your discovery.  You can decide your career, God decides your purpose and calling. You don't decide your purpose, you discover it. God's purpose for your life is revealed progressively by the Holy Spirit. At different seasons & interval in your life, the Holy Spirit will reveal something about your destiny & purpose. What you know in part, will be fully revealed by the purpose of his will. If you seek it, you shall find it; if you knock, the door shall be open saith the Lord!
Lastly, Your purpose is a reward to those whom you have been sent. You are a reward to somebody. Moses was a reward to the slaves of Egypt. David was a reward to the nation of Israel. Paul was a reward for the Gentiles. Somebody needs exactly was you have been given by God. Someone is waiting for you to enter their life. You are the solution to somebody's problem. You are not a reward for everybody. Some people don’t need you; you are not the answer they need. God has created you with destiny & purpose to "Do Something."    
Before you can do something for God, he needs to do something in you.

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